8 Medicine Buddhas

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The seven Medicine Buddhas and Buddha Shakyamuni (upper right corner) personify the ultimate source of healing. They prayed strongly for the temporal and ultimate happiness of all beings and vowed to actualize their prayers in degenerate times. In the centre sits the main Medicine Buddha (Tib. Sangyae Menlha), "King with the radiance of lapis lazuli jewel’, on top of him resides Amitayus, the deity of long life. The other seven (from lower left corner) are:

  1. "King of clear knowing’ – red, with giving mudra.
  2. "Melodious ocean of Dharma’ – white with the teaching mudra.
  3. "Supreme glory free from sorrow’ – pink, meditation mudra.
  4. "Stainless excellent gold’ – expounding Dharma mudra.
  5. "King of melodious sound’ – gold, giving mudra.
  6. "Glorious renown of excellent sign’ – gold, bestowing mudra.

Praise to the Medicine gurus increases the strength of medicinal therapies, the release of physical and mental suffering and promise to close the door to rebirth among the lower transmigrators.

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