62 Deity Heruka Chakrasamvara Mandala

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62 DEITY HERUKA CHAKRASAMVARA (Tib: Tsepagme khyil.khor)

Mandala means palace. The 62 deities Mandala according to the mahasiddha Luipa represents the secret body of the Heruka Chakrasamvara, the tantric emanation of the Buddha, who manifested in this form to overcome opponent forces. The Mandala contains the main deity in the centre, 8 deities of the commitment wheel, 16 deities of the heart wheel, 16 deities of the speech wheel, 16 deities of the body wheel and 5 deities of the great bliss wheel. This particular Mandala tradition has been kept alive to the present day by the Gyurme Tantric College in India.

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Features Unless indicated otherwise, original thangkas are painted with self made matt acrylics and pure gold on canvas. Some contain pure natural colours.